Heather Gorringe Wins an Award for Some Damn Thing or Another


HeatherwigglywigglersI barely understand what any of this means, so forgive me for quoting directly from the UK Wiggly Wigglers website:

"I am really pleased to have gone on to be awarded a Nuffield Scholarship, specifically the Alan and Anne Beckett Award
for an entrepeneur or innovator. Started by Lord Nuffield 60 years ago,
Nuffield scholarships aim to encourage study on a subject of personal
interest, with a view to communicating the findings to the wider
farming and rural community. For more details please take a look at www.nuffieldscholar.org.uk.

My own chosen field of study is based around exploring the benefits
that the new generation of internet technologies can bring to farming
and the wider rural business scene. To follow my progress please check
out the Wiggly Blog where you can read what I’ve been up to or send me feedback."

OK.  Whatever.  We asked Heather for clarification, and she explained:

"The idea is that you travel the world in search of valuable opportunities and ideas for rural business – especially farming. 19 scholarships have been awarded in the UK this year and many more in Australia, and a couple in Ireland and Canada too.

My topic is Social Media and web 2.0. I think this new consumer generated media brings real opportunity to small business with a story. Essentially Seth Godin explains in his way exactly what I think here.  The great thing about farming and the countryside is that the story that folk have to tell is SOOO good, if these people can get a hold of the technology I think it would reduce advertising spend and allow transparency, honesty and genuine good sense to prevail rather than spin."

But let’s just make it clear that:

  1. Heather Gorringe is quite possibly the best-dressed organic farmer/worm  wrangler we have met in recent times–and we did meet her, oh yes we did, and you can see that we could hardly stop talking about it
  2. Unfortunately, your very own GardenRant correspondent, even after she’d taken the train all the way from London to Herefordshire, is barely able to keep her shoes tied, much less appear in front of the camera in a glamorous black ensemble, as you can damn well see for yourselvesAmystewart5873
    from the adjacent photo of aforesaid Ranter on a recent visit to the Wiggly Farm.
  3. If only all organic gardenrs looked like Heather, imagine what we could accomplish.  Failing that, we can only dream.  Heather, when will Wiggly Wigglers begin its American Bloggers In Residence Program and offer scholarships to desperate but hard-working American gardeners who dream of a better life–and better hair–in the English countryside?

Seriously, though.  We are totally ready for your Internet technology/rural business/organico/wormy/hedgerow thing.  Whatever it is.  We’re totally behind it, and you can bet we’ll be voting for the Wiggly Podcast at the Mouse & Trowel Awards

And seriously, girlfriend. Where DID you get that dress?


  1. Darlings…
    Whatever is the fuss about, do you Americans fail to recognise the advantages of gardening in a black frock and high heels?
    The frock is perfect for brushing the dew off the grass – and the high heels aerate the lawn.
    Thank you for the article – it was so funny I spat my Earl Grey out onto the computer pad! and good luck in the Mouse and Trowel Awards – I’ve voted for you already.

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