Organic Lawns – More Tipping Point News?


The New York Times reports on and a yearly doubling in the sales of organic lawn care products – all good news – but a Cornell expert begs to differ on the details.  I’m hoping that Gardenrant reader and Cornell horticulture expert Craig Cramer (aka Ellis Hollow) can sort it all out.


  1. Switching to an organic program is lovely, and I’m sure it makes people feel good. However, it’s a baby step, not a solution. Until people stop having lawns so big they require gas-powered mowers, and stop watering them all summer long, they’re still falling for the Scotts marketing campaign. … and why would a Cornell prof question the contents of organic fertilizer running off? Like all the 20-20-20 spread everywhere this time of year stays where you put it??? I don’t think so.

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