Sloggers and Clogs – You May Have Already Won!


Sloggys_group2_2Gardenbloggers are hitting pay dirt — free stuff! – and here at GardenRant we’re happy to share the bounty.  We’re already lounging about in our free Sloggers, the comfy multi-purpose shoes shown here in four lovely colors, and waiting for it to warm up enough to try them out in the garden.  But while we’re waiting, it’s giveaway time!

Yes, it’s time to show our appreciation to the unruly bunch of readers we’ve come to know through their comments because without them, we’d just be blogging in the wind.   Our commenters mix it up with humor, expertise, passion and civility and create the conversation that makes Gardenrant so damn much fun.  (Eat your heart out, Hillary.)

So we’ve tallied our comments over an 8-week period and are happy to award free shoes to our top commenters, with the top spot being won by our new friend Craig, who insists he isn’t a horticultural expert:

We’ll be emailing the winners instructions for claiming their very own Sloggers (for ladies) or Premium Garden Clogs (for men).  Product reviews on their own blogs are, of course, optional.

Having overpaid more than once for the suddenly trendy Crocs (at $30/pair), I (Susan) like Sloggers’ more reasonable $18-22 price tag.  And at least the blue pair I received look good enough with jeans to wear outside the house without provoking jeers.  I’ve found them utterly comfortable and fine for all but the most strenuous of gardening tasks, like stand-up digging, that require a stronger shoe. I invite my Gardenrant partners to leave comments with their own reviews.

Here’s some product information on Sloggers and Premium Garden Clogs.


  1. I’m blown away. Thank you very much. This might be the the first time that “my two cents” worth of opinion and glib amounted to anything at all.

    And I should say that I am delighted about the idea of gardening shoes. My current gardening shoes are whatever business wing tip loafers have worn too ragged for the office. They uh… get wet and… uh… aren’t so good. I have years of them stacked in the garage… frozen, crisp and rancid.

    My wife always had some nice color coordinated things and she said they worked well. Hose ’em off.

    Thank you again.

    What a nice surprise.

  2. Hey, good on you Ranters. Great to see someone giving something away. I am a little jealous tho – I might have to scour our neck of the weeks for a pair of those pink ones.

  3. Wow….thanks!! This is a total surprise! Geez…my plain old black garden clogs are just going to look so BORING next to those Sloggers 🙂’s almost impossible NOT to comment on Garden Rant. The topics you cover and the straightforward, no B.S. way you cover them absolutely invites conversation. That’s why we love you!

  4. What a treat! And it’s a special honor too because without the inspiration of GardenRant, I wouldn’t be garden blogging in the first place.

    Can I get pink?

  5. I have the chartreuse, and they are very lightweight and comfortable. Around the house, that is–I might be able to test them outside for the first time this weekend.

    As Susan says, when you are jumping up and down on a shovel to get through maple roots or kicking something really hard, you might need a tougher shoe. Or, better yet, hire someone.

  6. Shoot off my big mouth AND get free shows? This IS a wondeful world 😉 I’ll definitely post a review on them. I have a pair of red Sloggers clogs that are about 5 years old and are quite comfy and sturdy. I too bought Crocs (light purple) last year – more for running around in though, than gardening.

  7. Now he is really piling it on. Don’t forget to do your shoe review after they arrive.

    I had mine sent to NC so it will have to wait for the Mountain shoe review. Unknowingly I had just posted the Hawaii shoe before picture.

    This could be a really really good shoe.

    Bummer Craig.

  8. I was amazed too.

    Every morning before I go to work, I do a quick Garden Rant check before heading off to work (in case there’s something I need to know). I actually skimmed this post without seeing my name and obliviously went on my way (I never win anything), and then I get an e-mail-as-blog-comment from Susan, “Dude, send me your email address so I can send you instructions for claiming your free shoes!” and, I’m like, why is Susan Harris spamming my blog?

    Too funny.

  9. Extra credit for anyone who posts their own Naked Gardener with Sloggers photo on their blog. They’d probably look fabulous with a Boa.

    I got a pair too and they are great for kicking on and off at the back porch–perfect for that morning stroll around the garden to toss snails at the chickens and yank a weed or two, but if you’re going to get more involved than that, you might head back inside for your muck boots.

  10. I like my Sloggers, too. Great for easy on, easy off. Though I find that when I’m really digging, clogs are dangerous. They slip off my foot and I’m left jumping on the shovel edge with a bare foot. Ow, ow, ow.

    I used to have a set of workboots with a steel shank. Need another pair of those.

  11. Thank you very, very much.

    After Monday’s storm, and getting smacked today with an overdraft charge for a stupid mistake with my checking account, this is *so* welcome.

    Especially because I wanted a pair, and hadn’t got around to getting one yet!


  12. Ya mean ya’ll don’t garden barefoot???

    I can understand wearing something for spade work (I wear flipflops)

    If I had to wear a shoe gardening, I guess those look comfy enough. But FYI, I know a lot of backpackers (and I am one of them) who use them as camp shoes when we are out 🙂

  13. What a cool idea, GRanters. For the record, I think that Hank should be disqualified from winning anything in the next 12 months because he’s trying to pad his stats. 😉

    (GGG, I happily garden barefoot! I even got to do it already this year, but just once.)

  14. OK. I’ll stop.

    (Please accept my apologies all. The truth is that I never win anything. And all glib-ness aside, I am pretty darned excited about these little shoes. The whole thing made me feel good, that’s all. And so I’m having a little fun at everyone’s expense. Apologies. And for the record, I have everything I need. I’m not looking to win anything more. Someone else should definately get the chance. Please disqualify me (unless you are giving away a North Sails Jib… I need one of those).)

    Thanks again Garden Rant.

  15. Promoters on comment boards should be verboten, but Susan gave me a hall pass to post: I told her your comments are some of funniest I have ever seen while reading blogs. I am rolling in my chair. The interactivity and instant feedback are incredible, and your humor is beyond compare. I needed a good laugh today and boy did I get it – thanks! We remain your ever humble foot-servants, Sloggers Team, Gardena, Calif.

  16. From what I can see in the picture,it appears to me that the Sloggers have tops which are punctured by some sort of flower design–openings through which water and dirt can fall while one is gardening. I fail to see how these can be a good idea for gardeners. I own a pair of rubber gardening shoes too ($11 at the local Agee) and they are holding up for the fourth year now. If the Slogger flower design on the top is not cut open, apologies for the dissing.

  17. I’ve just discovered Sloggers. Wore them all day today running errands and later pulling weeds after the rain. I love clogs and these are really comfy for light garden work.

  18. I tried Sloggers a year ago when my sister first told me about them. I have a lot of foot problems and the only thing I can wear is my sloggers to help my feet feel good all the time. When I get home from work I put them on I only wish you could make them into a tennis shoe for walking. I really think they are the most comfortable shoe I own. Thanks Debbie McAbee

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