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This just in from the GardenRant Accounting Department:

  • The Tip Jar has returned to the left sidebar. It had mysteriously disappeared; we don’t know why.  If you approve of our behavior, the Tip Jar is for you.  The funds go directly to paying our TypePad bill and keeping the lights on here at GardenRant World Headquarters.
  • Now featured in the right sidebar:  the GardenRant Bookshelf.  Click through, make any kind of Amazon purchase, and we get a kickback.  All funds applied directly to our bar tab.  We also encourage you to support our indie bookstore affiliate, Powell’s, also directly to your right.
  • You people love stickers.  Stickers and hats.  If you haven’t visited the
    GardenRant store at CafePress, now’s your chance. Show the world that you’re one of us. We’ve just added the divine oval Sticker for Your Wheelbarrow, and a canvas farmers’ market bag with the "Shut Up and Dig" slogan.  Words to live by, wouldn’t you say?


  1. I really like this blog and most of the stuff you women post. I really like it.

    Last couple of days the talk about meadow/lawn, and previous about “Proven Winners”-un kind words about marketing, etc . . . you were right on.

    But; then, I see this post . . . .

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