A Shout-Out to Ketzel Levine


HebeNPR junkies know that Portland garden writer Ketzel Levine has been reporting on gardens and plants for some time now.  This morning she contributed a piece on gardens and climate change that included an interview with Tony Avent and a profile of one plant that’s doing much better in the Portland area thanks to climate change–hebe.  (the flowering shrub, not the goddess of youth pictured here.)

She also announced the launch of a new plant blog on NPR’s website.  Check out Talking Plants here, and you can also go here to listen to the hebe story. 

Ketzel’s already wondering whether the Native Plant Police are going to jump on her for promoting the merits of a non-native shrub.  Are tedious tirades forthcoming?  And if so, will they comply with the polite but firm rules for discussion aimed at keeping diatribes, vulgarities, and personal vendettas out of the NPR blogosphere? 

That’s right, people. Keep it clean over at NPR.  If you’ve got something filthy, vile, or indecent to say, save it for GardenRant.


  1. How boring and predictible to say exactly those words about an enthusiasum in a form other than ones own.Is NPR stealing tactics from right-wing diatribes?
    Don’t insult and belittle my way then expect intelligent exchange…

  2. Does any body out there know anything about overcrowded potted flowers and DOTTER???
    Can the dotter be destroyed without destroying the plant?

  3. I would like to get rid of my relatively small grass yard and replace it with moss and german chamomile

    I tried growing chamomile a couple of times and it’s difficult to cultivate. Any tips on creating an 1/8 acre of moss and dispersing chamomile in it? Grass is for grazing and golf.

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