Honeybees – the Katrina of Entomology


The Washington Post’s garden writer Adrian Higgins finds himself today in the Style Section, page 1, with his report of a recent talk given as part of National Pollinator Week, subtitled "Edward O. Wilson Warns of a Bleak World without Bugs".  Here’s the scariest bit:

"It’s a bad thing when any species is at risk," Wilson said of [colony collapse disorder].  "But in a sense it’s the Katrina of entomology." It has brought a
public awareness to the plight of pollinators, which Wilson calls "the
heart of the biosphere."

Higgins concludes:  "Start thinking about the bugs." 


  1. Hey Susan! Thanks for the link to the article – it’s a great read. I’ll say the Washington Post has really been on top of this whole potential bee epidemic. Kudos to them!

    I’ve been trying to raise money for bee research by selling tshirts. I hope you’ll check it out!


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