Shoe Update:
Crocs are Multi-Colored but Red at Heart


Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan broke the news yesterday that President Bush wore Crocs –Crocs2 with socks – on his way to the countryside for some biking, and gave the event the thorough analysis it deserves.   She naturally took the staunch anti-sock position but saved most of her scorn for the rest of us, who "wear them as if they were perfectly acceptable shoes and not the equivalent of waterproof bedroom slippers, with a similarly imprecise fit".  And we look like "overgrown children" wearing these "exceedingly unattractive" creations.

Yes, this winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism is a ranter, one that’s read religiously by even the fashion-averse, like myself.

And here’s the juiciest bit in Robin’s piece: Croc Chairman Rick Sharp hosted a fundraiser for the Virginia Republican Party, attended by Bush himself.  Not to go political on you, of course.  I’m just saying.

I think we’re more Slogger types, anyway.


  1. It always amazes me that when I call on clients they announce that they are wearing their “gardening shoes” – which are crocs of course. One of these days I’m going to ask them why you would wear gardening shoes that are full of holes? Don’t your feet get filthy – mine do and I wear sloggers (of course!)

  2. Crocs, sloggers? I prefer Jolly’s. I got my first pair nearly 15 years ago and now have three pair for gardening. And I don’t care about the politics of who made them, just care that no one was harmed in the making of them.

  3. Hmmm… Fundraisers. Maybe free footwear. That Croc chairman knows how to influence all-important pseudo-shoe policy.

    Not only is Bush wearing socks, but those socks feature the presidential seal. Just sayin’.

  4. I don’t wear them gardening, but I do wear them.

    If they weren’t comfortable I don’t think I would see so many doctors and nurses wearing them.

    I wonder if Crocs will have a booth at the Republican convention?

  5. LOL at the shoe implications…I have both crocs and sloggers. Crocs are more comfortable but only with socks. Sloggers are sweaty! I guess this means that I can go both ways politically. Can one be a liberal Republican? Hmmmm

  6. I’m a recent Crocs convert. I don’t wear them in the garden, but I find myself wearing them out and about more often, because they’re so darn comfortable. Yes, they’re clunky, but you know what? I just don’t care!

  7. Just as I was starting to think hmmmm maybe everybody knows something I don’t with these ugly buggers — thank you, Susan! On a shoe tangent, I just spent a couple of weeks searching the interweb for real actual boots for gardening that aren’t winter boots to replace my blown out blundstones (boo -soles fell apart)- and you know, I’m not sure anyone is making a decent lightweight pull-on boot suitable for jumping on shovels and that’s not hotter than heckabug in the summer. Tell me I’m wrong!

  8. Like others, I was dubious about crocs–til a very good friend who spends more time in her gardens than anyone else I know swore by them. I bought a pair and adore them. I hate socks at the best of times, and I don’t care if my feet get dirty wearing the (turquiose blue) crocs–I just take a hose to feet and shoes at the same time. But I also wore them during a three-day expo where I was speaking twice daily and doing a lot of standing around talking–and my feet didn’t hurt at day’s end like they did in other shoes. for me, it’s about comfort and function, and to heck with style or who else is wearin’ them…though I did shudder when I read about Dubya. I don’t expect our squinty eyed prime minister, the Harpenista (aka Bush-lite) would deign to wear them, though.

  9. I love Crocs, but actually started out with the faux versions known as “Gators”, which actually fit my wide foot a bit better, and were $10 cheaper. My local shoe store no longer sells them, though, so it’s back to Crocs for me.

    Speaking of which, Richard Sharp, (with whom I used to attend the same church), just stepped down from CarMax, so I guess he’s a full-time Croc-er now.

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