Southern California Embraces the GardenWalk Concept…NOT!


AnaheimAre there very many other GardenWalks around the country? One wonders.  A quick Google search turns up a few.  Perhaps you, our alert readers, will notify us of garden walks taking place near you. 

But then we found this:  Anaheim GardenWalk.  Could it be?  A garden walk in the car-obsessed, plastic bubble that is Anaheim, California?  Things are looking up all over!

Not so fast.  Anaheim Garden Walk is, according to its website, "Orange County’s newest lifestyle shopping center, featuring over 400K square feet of unique stores, restaurants, and cinemas in a tranquil garden setting."

So it’s like a garden walk, only without the gardens–or the walking!  That’s the LA I’ve come to know and love.


  1. As an former Angeleno, Venice, Santa Monica, and Pasadena would be the first places in LA I’d look for garden walks.

    As far as other places where there are garden walks, the SF Bay Area has the annual Bringing Back the Natives Tour. It covers a lot of territory so it’s more like “drive to a nexus and walk to 5 different gardens from there” but I think it qualifies, right?

  2. Hey that’s kinda cool. I score a 75.

    I question its accuracy, it didn’t include the cooperative organic grocery store directly across the street from me.

    And, it didn’t include the events that happen around us that also make it even more liveable – from Garden Walk Buffalo, a two-day arts festival, a wekend summer farmer’s market, foot races, outdoor movies (used to be across the street where the co-op store is now) and the series of concerts along an Olmsted-designed parkway (one of the last was the Buffalo Philarmonic!).

    But a 75 sounds good though. Right?

  3. 74 for me. Never mind that there are hardly any sidewalks and it’s 93 degress with 95% humidity 6 months out of the year. Not that I’m bitter right now. No siree. At least there’s a mexican place with fabulous margaritas in stumbling distance…

  4. My walk-a-billy score – 89.
    Woohoo !
    Though I thought I would score a 100, seeing how I live smack dab in the middle of a down town village where everything that you could ever need or want is within walking distance.

    Most of the garden tours I attend include ride sharing with gardening friends. .. what better way to spend your traveling / touring day ? !

    The last organized ‘local’ tour was in Napa Valley with The Hortisexuals and the last big bang tour ( the once yearly out of this world Hortisexual tour ) was to Bali Indonesia , where we found ourselves in a caravan of 3 mini buses crisscrossing across the island to centrally located ‘main’ stops where we disembarked , left our ginger martinis behind and then trapsed through rice fields, to temples, to yummy cafes and private and public gardens of earthly delights.

    Carpooling; highly recommended.
    Ginger martinis, even more so highly recommended!

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