This Just In From Old House Gardens


Order your bulbs now if you haven’t already.  Old House Gardens puts out a lusty catalog filled with delicious rare bulbs, but the weak dollar makes it expensive to get the goods from Holland.  They report that:

"Once again we managed to hold the line and even reduce prices for many bulbs in this year’s catalog. Unfortunately, we also ended up raising more prices than we’d like, mainly for varieties grown in the Netherlands where the euro continues to soar. Not so many years ago the euro was worth about $.85, but as the Associated Press reported just last week, "The euro shot to an all-time high against the US dollar Tuesday, [reaching] $1.3738, its highest level since the 13-nation currency started trading in 1999."

We also learn that there’s a movement afoot to preserve the home and garden of Elizabeth Lawrence.  Any readers in Charlotte keeping an eye on this situation?



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