Cooperative Extension Services


On a different subject, if I were to
write sometime about CESs and the less-than-excellent job they do educating the
public, where would I start?  (I know not to quote you; don’t worry).  Even here
in DC where the extension agent is not only not doing her job but trying to stop
volunteers from doing it, no one wants to criticize her and the DC CES publicly.
(It doesn’t help that she  threatens loss of funds, loss of volunteers,
You can use the notorious "requested no name"
source because of …………  Both Nancy and I are very critical of the lack
of substance and quality in the Michigan Master Gardener Chapters on Lawns,
Soils, Insects, flowers and pest animals.  Some chapters have not been updated
in 12 years.  You can ask through your blog for reports from other Master
Gardeners who have taken the course in their states. Every state has its own
Master Gardener Training Manual, so a lot of bad information is out there
because of no quality control on a national basis.  The National Organization
has no influence over the state organizations in terms of the course