Do You Love Your Water Feature This Much?


NancySpotted at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden:  Curator Nancy Seaton cleaning out the lily pond on a hot day. She felt that this was not her finest hour and agreed only reluctantly to be photographed.  But we love hardworking gardeners out in the muck, do we not?

Her project this year, apart from weeding the pond, was a long border of annuals organized by country of origin.  Californians beware:  if you show up at BBG and are asked to identify which side of the pond holds the annual garden and which side holds the perennial garden, you’re gonna look like a big dork.  You call that giant salvia an annual?  Oh yeah, I guess a lot of things become annuals under two feet of snow.


  1. In Buffalo, one of the Garden Walk gardeners wades into her pond all the time–at the end of the summer she lovingly carries her huge koi, cradled against her chest, into the basement tank for the winter.

    I want to get some shots of that this year.

  2. That photograph brought back memories of a trip I took with The Hortisexuals to Bali Indonesia last year.
    While on the trip we visited The Lotus Temple in Ubud,… talk about a ‘water feature’, this one must be the grandmother of all !
    After the tour I stayed on another week and rented a room for several nights adjacent to and overlooking the Lotus pond.
    Every morning while sitting on my balcony I watched the same man come and wade through the lotus pond picking off dead pods and spent leaves.
    He had such love and dedication to his job.
    If one ever visits the arts and crafts town of Ubud in Bali I strongly recommend the Puri Sarswati Bungalows that sit adjacent to the Lotus Temple.
    The views are great and the names of the bungalows are .. quite.. interesting.
    The name of my bungalow that over looked the lotus temple grounds was ‘Gotatakaca’- or phonetically -Got to kaca – ( aptly named if you ever tried some of the more exotic food dishes )
    The name of the bungalow that my two gay women travel-mates stayed in was ‘ Kunti’.
    I am convinced that the Balinese have a sly sense of humor.

    Pic of the lotus temple:

  3. Where I come from the ENTIRE POINT of a pond is to get in it (with the dogs) when the mercury rises. The lotus etc are just a bonus. The pool? That’s for the wife, “company” and for floating ridiculous candles and such.

    Husband and dogs get the pond.

    Of course, where I am NOW this sort of thing is not done. Ponds are for gazing and skating. Swimming is what the Lake at the end of the street is for I guess.

    But hell yes… summer is for getting wet!

  4. We DO love a gardener in the muck… whether she feels it’s her finest hour or otherwise, it’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

  5. We DO love a gardener in the muck… whether she feels it’s her finest hour or otherwise, it’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

  6. Yes, mine is for me and the dogs too! Sometimes I swear that my koy is cursing my chocolate lab every time she gets in “his” pond and swims.

    In the winter I’m going to get a chofu woodburning heater and turn it into a hot tub.

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