GardenRant Once Again Snubbed by British Royalty


Memo to Prince Charles:  Next time you invite a "handful of American journalists" to Highgrove for a tour of your all-organic landscape, remember those of us in the New Media.  I guarantee you we would have come up with more than "Wow, is it really all organic?" and "Look at that compost!"

Read the story, such as it is, here.


  1. “The real organic purist might be taken aback at the amount of machinery needed to keep the gardens in order: tractors, lawnmowers of varying sizes, chippers to deal with the woody slash, diggers and tippers.”

    W.T.F. ? – You mean to be “truly” organic we have to banish all mechanical machinery … no no no , not my chippers ?
    Like where am I to put the goats to mow down my weeds and the team of horses to plow in the compost at the end of the season ?
    Are gloves also considered too mooodern ? .. cuz after pulling out the hords of organically grown weeds with my bare hands I wouldn’t want to take tea with the Prince.
    Get a grip.

  2. Prince Charles has a Strumpery in his garden?! What is a Strumpery? Is it full of Strumpets? I googled this and came up with nada.

  3. A stumpery is a collection of large rotting stumps of trees – usually large ones, preferably those that have died naturally. Good habitat for ferns, hostas etc (and slugs). Perhaps I missed your joke.

  4. Yeah, I’m annoyed that I was not invited, especially given that idiotic Charles Elliott piece in the NY Times, which treated organic gardening as some strange new-fangled notion worthy of suspicion.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but how OLD is this Charles Elliott guy?

  5. I know you all would have been invited if the Prince had only though about it. Probably his press secretary invited Mr. Elliott. Next time….

  6. Seriously, both Chuck and the NYTimes SHOULD invite us bloggers in!

    When the local Buffalo blogosphere exploded, one of the first things I saw was them doing was making fun of the old fuddy duds in the print media, including, of course, the 40-year-old magazine I edit.

    What did I do/? I invited a bunch of the bloggers to write for us. Now they advertise our new issues on their blogs, with links. they found out we’re not so bad and vice versa. I still get snark, but not so much.

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