Guerilla Gardening Gets Its Own Wikipedia Entry


This just in…a post from Web Urbanist on guerilla gardening (how cool are those sunflowers growing under the street grate?)  and a Wikipedia entry that will keep you occupied all morning.  Go on over there; we’re hung over and jet-lagged anyway.  (a little too much Polygamy Porter last night in Salt Lake City. It was just too much fun to order; who could resist asking for another round?  Would the  t-shirt still be funny back here in California?  Even with those clever slogans–Why Have Just One?  Bring Some Home to the Wives? Maybe not.)


  1. Guilty of being a GG myself, I followed the wikipedia links to the moss graffiti “how to” on Heavy Petal and the Cornell student experiments. That is really a terrific idea. I’m now trying to brainstorm where I should attempt this and what message to convey.

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