Making Wine in Midtown Manhattan


This is very cool.  A grape vine that grows four stories up the side of a townhouse in midtown Manhattan yields 500 pounds of grapes a year, enough for a nice little wine-making operation.  Here’s the article.
And thanks to PamJ for pointing it out to me.


  1. I recently struck up a friendship with an 80 old Italian gardener. Not only have I gotten some great tips from him, he shared some of his homemade wine with me. It is amazing – and quite potent too!

  2. Oh how marvelous! I love it! I’m scouring the pictures trying to figure out where on the UES they are… I want to go look next time I’m there! Ah, the NYer came thru for me: East Ninety-second Street, between Park and Lex.

  3. I loved this story too. I erad it yesterday afternoon and thought about it all evening. (And shared it with several people) I too am interested in his soil maintenance, because I live in a bit of a tight space with a mostly concrete backyard with plenty of building for something to grow up and trumpet vine doesn’t do it for me…

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