Plants in My Keyboard


KeyboardDo you dare?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever grown a plant in?

Does the little tree sprouting in the rain-soaked back seat of my dad’s 1977 Celica count?

Stupid ideas via Gizmodo


  1. My most daring containers are an old metal milk box and an old enameled coffee pot. No big whup.

    But I am in awe of the Southern gardeners I documented (via the Gardenweb thread) who use old beds, toilet bowls, car parts, and more!

    I’d like to find a way to plant up the gas grill–we never use it. You know, I think it could be striking!

  2. i was taking a shower one day when i realized there was a little green sprout shooting up out of the drain. i own several pet birds and could only reason that the seed came from the bird seed mix.

  3. My hamster’s cage — a little procrastination on cleaning coupled with my hamster storing her food directly under her water bottle – netted a garden of bean sprout suitable for sprinkling on your salad. LOL – do NOT try this at home.

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