Show Off Your Photos and your
Goodbye-Boy-Genius Bouquets


Over on Talking Plants, Ketzel Levine found something easier than thinking up something to write on these dog days of summer – having a photo contest!  So gather up your very best and send ’em along to NPR to enjoy photographic success for the rest of your life (or something like that, I’m sure).

But don’t miss Ketzel’s parting shot:

And now, on another note … TP is taking orders for Rove farewell bouquets. What would you put in yours? ;-}

Let’s see.  Poison ivy, of course, and something really prickly.  And whole bunches of blue flowers!  Readers, what else?


  1. To think that Rove is gone from the political scene in Washington is naive at best.
    Bush’s brain isn’t going too far, just far enough to give this false impression.

    I offer up this Shakespearean bouquet of Solanum ( deadly nightshade ) along with a culinary side dish of lame duck pate garnished with digitalis.

    Bon appetite .

  2. He’s done his damage. They all have. However, I am sure Ketzel would delay her proposed ban on castor bean in order to make sure that crew gets a nice big bunch of it.

  3. I think Turd Blossom deserves something really special for all he has done. We can also warm him up for the medal and sash he is sure to get before his creation flees to Paraguay.

    I suggest he get a lei made of the inflated seed pods of Calotropis procera and the flowers of Stapelia gigantea and Illicium floridanum.

  4. I would graciously send Mr. Rove a bouquet that contained none of the above as he is a brilliant political mind. Does anyone know if the Hackberry, Monkey Flower, Snakeroot arrangement I sent to James Carville 10 years ago arrived?

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