The Blind Date



Buffalo humor: miniature landscape in an alleyway

All of my partners have weighed in on the experience of the blogging team meeting for the first time in Buffalo, except me. I finally I have a minute, and must confess, I drove the five hours straight west on boring old Route 90 out of a sense of duty more than anticipation.  It had been a tough work-week–I’d been in both Boston and New York on business in the last 5 days.

Then I got there, and what did I find?  Romance.  Is Buffalo the hippest city in America?  It certainly looked more exciting than monetized-to-the-hilt New York and Boston.  What gorgeous houses! What sophicated gardens!  What an art scene!  (I think the bohemian-friendly housing prices have a lot to do with that.)  What cultured, amusing people!  What drinkers!  Elizabeth took us to approximately 11parties, where approximately 27 glasses of very good white wine were shoved into my fist.  My kind of town.

And what lovely women I’ve been working with for the past year!  Stylish, funny, pretty, literate, earthy, to a one.  I felt as if we’d known each other for years.  Of course, chances were good that I’d love them.  We gardeners all have something important in common–we understand how miraculous, surprising and beautiful life is.   


  1. It sounds like a great party, and a fun time had by all. Blogging-friends are wonderful, but meeting them in person makes it real. At least, that’s what I discovered when we Austin bloggers had our first in-person party. Naturally, we’re already thinking about our next one . . .

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