The Spiders Are Organizing. Can the Worms Be Far Behind?


This makes us very, very happy.

Millions of Spiders Build Single Web Over Several Acres.


  1. Re: the last sentence of the NY Times article: web of life . . . or web of death? Ick. But I know that spiders are a good thing. Fewer mosquitoes is reason enough to cheer. But I wouldn’t want those webs in my garden.

  2. There was a story a week or two back on the news here in the Maritimes about a hummingbird having been caught in a spider’s web–and eaten. Yeeesh. Shelob’s or Aragog’s children must be on the march.

  3. Ewww. Looks like bagworms to me, but I trust the experts. I’ve got lots of spiders going on here in TN, too, including a big one that died in one of my plastic pots (couldn’t get out). We’re talking 3″ diameter with legs, here. But I know spiders are our friends, and recite that to myself regularly, when I walk through a newly-spun web.

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