Women Garden Cyclists Rock!


Cyclers1by Susan
I LOVE these women and how they’re spending their summer – making a 3-month cycling trip from Washington D.C. to Montreal and back again, with this very worthy purpose:

We’ll be visiting urban farms in big cities,
but also grassroots organizations in small towns – anywhere where
people are being reconnected with the food they eat. For example, we’ll
be spending time at Mill Creek Farm in West Philadelphia which yields
fresh, affordable produce in a malnourished, urban neighborhood. Red
Hook Farm in Brooklyn is another site we will be visiting, in which
youth from the surrounding neighborhood are employed to harvest organic
vegetables and market the produce from the urban farm. 

Then they’re bringing that wealth of information back to D.C. to make something happen HERE.  D.C. really needs these Garden Cyclists, I’ll tell ya.

The tour started July 6 and according to their blog, the cyclers in the New York City area. Follow their route.  Or drop them a line: gardencycles[at]gmail.com.


The bicycle tour investigations will be documented through audio
and visual recordings that will be distributed via website and public
forums, ultimately promoting the journey as a resource for academic
institutions and bringing it back to use in budding grassroots
initiatives in Washington DC, where we live.


I hope to meet them upon their triumphant return and post about them again.