Conference-calling for
greener landscaping laws and rules


by Susan
It all started with this post about Project Laundry List and their campaign to convince homeowner associations and local governments to repeal their no-clothes-drying policies.  An innocent email to them – just a friendly hello with the link – led to a telephone call and the request for a "white paper" from us about better landscaping rules and laws.  So with your help, I pulled something together that seemed far from "white paper" status but got called "awesome" by the Laundry List folks and led to an invitation.

The invite is to participate in a conference call with the Community Association
, the purpose of which is to "create an opportunity for
dialogue with community associations and municipalities about environmental
steps that they can take in regard to bylaw or ordinance changes that could ease
the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle…
The obvious culprits,
besides clotheslines, are regulations that limit or prohibit good landscape
management practices and limit or prohibit alternative energy
 quoting founder Alexander Lee.

Naturally I said sure, patch me in on the call; sounds like fun!  (Or not. Stay tuned for the report.) And thanks to our Rant readers for all the good ideas and links.

This just in – a story in today’s Wall Street Journal about Project Laundry List – front page with photos!


  1. You go girl! We’ve been struggling for ages with HOA’s trying to get them to accept Xeriscapes out here in Colorado. There have been attempts at legislation but everything seems to have failed. Maybe it is just finally time for change–looks promising if CAI is open to discussion. Good luck

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