Lindsay Lohan Gardens, And Still No One Cares


Uninteresting celebrity and party girl Lindsay Lohan is off at Cirque Lodge in Sundance for rehab, and she’s taken up gardening.  According to one report:

The Mean Girls
star–who is currently residing at the Cirque Lodge rehabilitation
center in Utah–took great pride in showing off her gardening skills to
her father Michael during their recent reunion. He said,
she helps look after the horses. Every day she helps muck them out,
feed them and ride them. She has taken up gardening and loved showing
me the roses she helps look after.’

Not too much about gardening therapy on the Cirque website, but the list of substances you can get treatment for reads like some kind of fantasy cocktail menu.  Percoset?  Opium?  Xanax?  AND gardening?

via Ecorazzi


  1. Is there a rehab facility for compulsive gardeners?

    A place for those caught dividing daylilies, with intent to distrubute?

    I admit, I did a line of marigolds, but that was a youthful indiscretion.

    I fell in with some hosta hustlers, but I stopped once I heard about that virus going around.

    My friends arranged an intervention. They urged me to take up drinking instead.

    I can quit any time, I told them.

    My fingernails betray me.

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