One Woman’s Idea of Heaven


I really like formal gardens.  I would never set out to make a meadow and would not plant an ornamental grass if you paid me. But I’m not sure that anything on earth is more beautiful than a Washington County meadow at this time of year, full of goldenrod and pale purple monarda and buzzing with bees and crickets.



  1. Is that all you get, Goldenrod and Monarda? Add in 2 Lobelia, Angelica, at least 5 Asters, Helianthus, Ironweed, Rudbeckia, Anemone, Phlox, Chelone and Ageratina just to get started and you have a mountaintop meadow in North Carolina.

  2. It is funny and inspiring to see these plants – which I only know as garden plants – growing as they should.
    Jo Pye weed is one of my favourite cut flowers at this time of year alongside dahlias and sedums for a really textural bouquet.

  3. Hey! I’ve seen plenty of wild areas in WNY with just as many as Chris C. has in NC. Not the same ones.

    Ok, now that I’ve defended our turf, I must recommend Chistopher Lloyd’s description (forget the book–A Gardenng Year, maybe of how he maintained his meadow in Great Dixer. Wow–a TON of work.

    Don’t try it,Michele!

  4. The resident Meadow Maker here is very lax in her gardening standards. She is a seed flinger and a seeds pressed into the soil with the bottom of her shoe kind of gardener. A touch of weeding now and again, a little of that dreaded Roundup on tree stumps and poison ivy, some collateral damage is acceptable, and nature does the rest. There is plenty of time for the 2 hour afternoon nap. What could be easier.

    Good to hear that WNY has some diversity. I knew it would.

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