Peat no more?


Treehugger reports on RePeat, a product that’s designed to replace peatmoss.  It’s made from "dairy solids" and here’s what the press release had to say about it:

When combined with an anaerobic digester, we are confident that we
address nearly all significant issues associated with managing dairy
solids including ammonia capture, runoff, leachate, methane reduction,
dust, climate change, odor and more.

Good lord – cowshit is even funkier than I thought.


  1. Truly, there needs to be a replacement for peat moss. The Canadians claim its renewable, but everyone else says it’s not. Am I the only one who thinks it a bit discordant that all these organic gardeners and vegetable growers out there think nothing of using peat moss as a primary growing medium. But if you get me started, we’ll have to take up all the black plastic being utilized in “organic” gardening and farming, and the plastic tools, and the two-stroke engines…

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