The Story that Prince Charles’s Highgrove Deserves


The Royals invited six American news outlets to a four-hour tour of the Prince’s 15 acres of organic gardens and here’s what resulted from the Washington Posta huge spread on the front page of the Style Section by garden writer Adrian Higgins.  And it’s a really meaty article.  Too bad the New York Times wasted the opportunity.


  1. I admit that I praise WaPo’s gardening coverage pretty regularly. I like them and a couple of other writers at the Post but overall and especially for its editorial pages, the Times is my favorite.

  2. Susan, thank you for giving me a second opportunity to say how utterly idiotic the Times piece was about Highgrove. Charles Elliott, whoever you are–organic gardening is easy even without staff. Certainly easier than whatever unseemly things you are doing in your yard.

  3. How big is the part of Prince Charle’s garden is devoted to growing vegetables? Five or 20%?

    Then what does he do with the veggies?

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