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Squarewatermelons_3You know how much room normal watermelons take up in the frig?  And how they aren’t stackable and sometimes even roll around?  Yeah, I hate that, too! Thankfully, smart Japanese farmers have figured out how to make them square – by putting them in square tempered glass cases while they’re still on the vine.  Why didn’t WE think of that?

Thanks to Ilene Sternberg for the photo.


  1. I have to agree with squirrelgardens…that is disturbing. I think it will be easier to put the vodka in the melon and then add a spigot at the bottom.

  2. Yes, a water melon that won’t roll around the back of my car!! And will fit in the fridge! Now that’s smart science-a simple solution without any genetic stuff!

  3. Oh boy… I’m sorry to say that this really does not sit right with me. While I’m glad to see that Japanese farmers are working diligently to improve my life by allowing an increase in the square footage of produce space in my fridge, I’d be upset to know that I’d never again feel the love-hate twinge of emotion that comes from watching a watermelon roll out of my fridge and across the kitchen floor… or a small child struggling to carry the oblong fruit a few feet from the back door to the picnic table… or be able to participate in a greased watermelon contest (where you lube up the largest one you can find and toss it in the deep end of a pool. The first contestant to successfully remove it from the pool before the others get to it is the winner).

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