Nude gardening in Happy Valley

Want more readers?  Here’s how to get yourself on CNN!  From their site:

Gardener bares it all
Happy Valley, Oregon residents are not so happy with a neighbor who likes to garden in the nude.  Affiliate KGW reports.

And here’s the link.  No, you don’t have to clear the kids from the room but they do make you watch a commercial first.


  1. Well, I didn’t pass this along for its prurient value. I was hoping that you would put it into context with one of your other favorite issues: Those nasty lawn laws where neighbors don’t like to see the natural stuff growing in the neighbor’s yards. Isn’t this the same issue? Neighbors don’t like seeing this guy nude in the garden. Neighbors don’t like seeing something other than lawn. What’s the difference?

  2. live in the Wash. D.C. area (sub. Md.) am thinking of purchasing a “twinleaf, Jeffesonia diphylla” but don’t know if it will grow in my area…plenty of shade, trees all over the back yard, plus good soil, etc…will be purchasing it from Monticello catalog…would like info on this plant, etc. thanks

  3. I’m probably posting this to the wrong place on your site, but I couldn’t find an “Ask the Ranters” category.
    I live in Takoma Park, 2 blocks from the Metro station. Last year, deer ate much of what I had taken pains to plant.
    Given that a super-high fence is out (they jump the 4-foot one I have) & TP frowns on shooting them, do you have a favorite anti-deer repellent or tactic? Should I start saving my urine & hair clippings??

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