Bloom Day, California Style


In Buffalo, Elizabeth’s silver lace vine (Polygonum auberti) continues to dazzle them…

Anemone1 And, also from New York, Michele has fabulous white anemones and yellow nasturtiums going strong.


And in Maryland, Susan’s Knockout roses are still looking good, and there are more Bloom Day photos and links right here on her own blog.Knockout907375_2


  1. So many great salvias!!! I have a few but not these. I love the lime one! The silver lace vine is impressive and the anemone…WOW. I am going to have to try them again!

  2. Wow – love the Salvia confertiflora. I have a gazillion salvias (~20 or so) but not this one. It’s such a greedy obsession. Isn’t there something biblical…about not coveting thy neighbor’s salvias? I’ve broken one of the commandments and it’s only Monday.

  3. I am a salvia FIEND. What zone are the leucantha hardy to? I have them in my zone 7b garden. I wonder if they’ll make it through the winter and come back, I sure hope so.

  4. Pffffft, do you call that a garden? 😉 I live on the west coast too and you should see my daisies, they’re the envy of many a gardener, west or east coast based.Not forgetting my gorgeous roses of course, and the winter jasmine and ……
    Well just take a look for yourself and weep! 🙂

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