Cathedral of Cows



My cousin Bernie’s big cow barn.  It does look like Chartres, doesn’t it?  Bernie’s cows reside in the barn, though Bernie is a thoughtful farmer who has considered the grass-versus-barn question carefully and has friends who pasture their dairy cows.  If I were a cow, I’d want to be out in the grass despite the heat and the flies, but that’s just me.  I have dear friends, who, if they were cows, would way prefer this big clean airy barn with their dinner delivered by tractor.    


  1. 300+cows…How does your cousin handle the manure? I am marginally involved with a pilot project to come up with an inexpensive way to handle this big problem. We have a watershed with more dairy cow poop than can be sprayed/spread. One farmer makes compost which he supplies to many landscape companies. Good stuff, I have had a few pick-up truck loads.

  2. I recall a pasture-based dairy farmer back in the day telling me, “They’ve got four legs and a mouth. They should go harvest their own meals.” He also had a whole lot less manure to haul out of the barn and back to the fields.

    Cows also have a seven ‘stomachs’ and a digestive system designed to turn stuff we can’t eat into high protein dairy products.

  3. It’s been my experience (with horses) that grazing animals are healthier when they are grazing…take a step, take a bite…. and so on. The horses in the stalls get ulcers and crazy behavioral vices.

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