Line-up of Gardening Experts at MonkeySee


by Susan
When I first caught a glimpse of my video post-production, the notion came to me that that this new how-to site could be a vehicle for teaching the public about gardening, especially environmentally responsible gardening.  We could stop  ranting about the many failures of HGTV and do something.  So I volunteered to recruit outstanding experts and suggest topics that should be covered – to be their gardening editor.  After calling for experts here on GardenRant and on the Garden Writers listserv, look who responded and what’s coming:

If you’re interested in joining this team just email  me.   Or if you’ve already created videos, you might contribute one or more to Monkeysee as a way to send viewers to your site, where they can hire you or buy your other videos. 

Let’s take advantage of the opportunity to have our say.


  1. Don’s a fun guy to watch in action (hope he isn’t reading this now). He did all the landscaping around my parent’s new home / acreage; I met him briefly while visiting them this past summer. He’s very meticulous in his work, as I unfortunately am (does each piece of mulch need to be so lovingly placed? For me it does), and he’s delightfully irreverent in conversation–you know this if you’ve been to his lovely site. How will he instruct calmly on a video? I say how?

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