MonkeySee Videos are Up!


by Susan
Last spring a new how-to video website asked me to write and appear in a gardening video and suggested the topic "how to create and take care of a garden."  Sure, coming right up, I said.  Then it sank in that this would be no simple show-and-tell, that I’d have to figure out what to say on this huge subject in 10 short clips.  So readers and critics, forgive me for simplifying.  In other words, be kind, y’all. 

I call the video Sustainable Gardening because the type of garden I talk about is the eco-friendly, low-maintenance kind that I’m always going on about.  All 10 clips are here on my page. 

Other initial offerings in gardening include:

  • Ed Bruske on composting (the clip on kitchen scraps is my favorite)
  • Mitch Baker on planting a tree and planting up a container.
  • Amy Stuart (not Stewart) on herbs

Don’t miss the companion article below about the line-up of experts on board and the topics they’ll cover.


  1. I only watched a few, but they look great! I’m planning to explore many more of these MonkeeSee vids. How-tos in small, managable doses–very cool.

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