DC’s Gardening Activists Get their Act Together


by SusanGrace_2
Wouldn’t it be nice to read an occasional news story out of Washington, D.C. that isn’t a total bummer?
Well, some local gardeners would like to see DC make news by catching up with the likes of Chicago and Philadelphia in the area of urban greening.  We’re not sure why DC lags so far behind but we have a new, young mayor and expect things to start changing for the better. 

Readers may remember that I co-founded DC’s first Master Gardener group and that we eventually decided to organize independently from DC’s Cooperative Extension Service as DMandieC Urban Gardeners.  Now we’re holding our first real elections for officers to decide what to do with our collective energies, and I’m mighty proud to be included in this promising group:

  • Regular Rant commenter Ed Bruske for president, and yours truly for secretary.  Bios and photos in this article.
  • Liz Falk and Mandie Yanasak for two of the three VP positions – bios and photos in this article.
  • Robin Buck and Grace Manubay for treasurer and VP – bios and photos in this article.Ed_2

Those bios reveal not just old farts like Ed and myself but some very cool and super-qualified young’uns, too.  So let the urban greening begin!

And if you’ve clicked on any of those links you might have noticed by the URL that the DC Urban Gardener News blog is hosted right here on GardenRant (which also offers free blogs to all of DC’s community gardens).  Many thanks to Amy, Michele and Elizabeth for their support.


  1. I just returned from several days in Chicago and was impressed by how green a city it is. There was a prairie garden downtown, and every street corner and subway stop seemed to have a well-tended bed of flowering plants. I did wonder who maintained everything—a gardening staff of thousands??

    Good luck with the greening of DC. You’ll have a bunch of gardening activists organized in no time, Susan.

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