Winter Squashes Are Just…Fun



Grown by my four year-old; weighs more than she does.

While not quite as charming as Backyard Giants author Susan Warren’s guest rant here about giant pumpkins, Anne Raver’s NY Times piece yesterday about pumpkin contests is worth a read–if only for the how-to tips.

I totally enjoyed my winter squash experience this year: Big aggressive dinosaur vines.  Loads of weird blue knobby things to eat this winter, hubbards and Jarrahdale pumpkins.  Not to mention super-dense and delicious buttercups and butternuts.  Plus my daughter Grace’s superb, big flat Halloween pumpkins.  Next year?  More.


  1. Some of our best winter squash/pumpkin harvests have come from our poorly constructed and seldom turned lazy-person’s compost heap. One year we had Long Island Cheese Squash that grew out of the heap in ten thick vines and produced a grand total of 158# of squash.

  2. Thanks for the great photo. I used to grow pumpkins for my daughter when she was a kid. The vines always headed out of the garden and straight for the lawn. I mowed around them for months. The resulting fruit was always half hidden in overgrown grass and weeds.

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