Washington Post says:
To Get in Shape, Grow Vegetables


For real.  A full-page feature in the Weekend Section recommends these activities for getting in shape: dancing, taking a break at work to walk to a coffee shop and back, playing with kids, playing with dogs, joining a sports team, and watching TV while on the floor doing some crunches.  Then last (though first to most of us but we won’t quibble) is this.

Be green:  And organic!  And stop spending so much money at Whole Foods!  Michael P. O’Donnell, editor of the American Journal of Health Promotion, prods his colleagues to plant a vegetable garden if they have the space.  (And in this area there are lots of community plots for folks who don’t.)  It might not appear to be the most vigorous activity, but all that digging and watering and care-taking can add up.  Plus, O’Donnell says, it creates a "more personal relationship with food," especially when you play farmer and chef.

Wow, WaPo staff writer Ellen McCarthy gets it!  (Michele, take note.)  And how about this O’Donnell guy she’s been reading? From his bio it looks like he’s a worthy advocate for the cause. 


  1. To keep a trim figure there is nothing like a little weeding, getting down to eye level with your foes. Or perhaps some vigorous digging to plant and transplant, like moving furniture that grows. Now if you happen to live on a steep slope just walking up to the shed to get that forgotten tool and down again will work up a sweat.

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