MonkeySee Update:
Dave Epstein’s Got Videos!


by Susan
Finally, MonkeySee, the how-to video site I’m working with as gardening editor, has been launched publiclyDaveepsteinchannel_size
with a full-bore media campaign and viewers are finding it.  So how’s our gardening coverage coming?  Well, while production of new videos is awaiting the start of the season, we’re very fortunate that gardening expert and video mogul Dave Epstein had almost 100 of them in the can and has uploaded them ALL to Monkey See.  So who IS this guy?

Dave Epstein has been a gardener since the age of 10. He currently
oversees operations Bloomscapes, Inc of Natick, MA and Growing
He has a degree in biology from Colby College in
Waterville, ME and has additional training in landscape design and
horticultural studies at the Landscape Institute, Cambridge, MA. The
Institute is affiliated with Harvard University and the Arnold
Arboretum. David holds an MBA from Boston College and a MS in education
also from Boston College. gives frequent lectures to schools and
garden clubs throughout New England.

Now that’s the kind of expert we like to have on the site, so many thanks, Dave, and keep ’em coming!     Ed

And look who’s listed in the “Most Viewed” category – our buddy Ed Bruske talking about composting.  I’m especially impressed that his composting dissertation is more watched than “How to Buy a Bathing Suit” – go, Ed!

By the way, the good folks at MonkeySee promise me that their Garden category WILL be listed separately from
Home, so we can browse without having to click through kitchen re-dos, plumbing, and trends in window treatment.

But speaking of browsing off topic, I noticed someone else Bartonseaverchannel_sizeI’ve posted about before – sustainable seafood chef Barton Seaver. Very cute and hip, I must say.  Here’s my little review of his restaurant.

And gardeners desperate for substitutes should just keep on browsing.  How about Intermediate Pilates, How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube or Basic Yo-Yo Techniques?  Who knows what skills we can acquire before the soil warms up in April.  And for Michele and other aspiring ice skaters, Olympian Michael Weiss has some moves to show you – the basic jumps.  Something to tackle after you get that skating backwards thing figured out.