Who ARE You People? The Answer!


Thanks to all 300 of you who took part in our GardenRant Readers Survey.  In case you were wondering who you are, we have an answer:

You are 40-49 years old.  That’s just about 1/3 of you.  Another third of you are 40 under (and we know you’re not lying about your age!)  So the idea that gardeners are 50+?  Not so much on GardenRant. Only about  a third of you are 50+.

You are female.  Are you ever!  80% of GR readers are women.  Which is interesting, because I KNOW more than 20% of our regular commenters are men.

(some of) You are slackers.  Over a third of you read GR at work.  We should install a "boss button" that pops up a spreadsheet in case the boss walks by.

You’re sociable.  Just over 60% of you read garden blogs "to meet like-minded people."  10% are looking for story ideas. Half of you are looking for concrete information.  Most of you are looking for entertainment & inspiration. One person commented that he/she reads garden blogs because of "boredom." Glad we could help.

You don’t necessarily blog.  About 37% of you have blogs.

You have a suburban/medium garden–under 1 acre.  That’s 60 percent of you. About 12-15% have a larger garden, and the same percentage have a condo, townhouse, or other postage-stamp garden. (We forgot to include community gardens, and several of you reminded us of that.)

You’re not lawn-obsessed.  58 percent of you have lawns. You’re into just about everything else, and even the smaller numbers are impressive:  18 percent have meadow/prairie and 27 percent have water/pond gardens.  68 percent grow natives, 80 percent grow edibles, and about 75 percent do containers.

You’re spending some money.  45 percent of you will drop $100 at the garden center "two or three times a year."  About 5 percent of you will drop that kind of cash every weekend, and 25 percent will spend that kind of money "once every month or two."  In the comments, some of you said that you are spending $20-$50 per month, "and it really adds up."  I hear you!

You’re green.  30 percent of you are always, 100 percent, organic.  60 percent of you are "mostly" organic.  One of you said, "I’m organic.  Except when I’m not." Many of you said that you don’t feel guilty about your non-organic ways.

You’re shoppers.  40 percent of you visit 3-4 nurseries regularly.  35 percent of you visit even MORE than that!

So there you have it! Thanks for playing, folks!



  1. Interesting results.
    I am a little confused about one result though. If half of the responders are 49 or under; and 30% are 50+; does this mean that 20% of your readers are exactly 50 years old. I think this paragraph needs to be edited for clarity.

  2. 30 percent are 50 to whatever

    33 percent are 40 to 49

    I think that means that the remaining 37 percent are 39 or younger.

    Does that work?

  3. Thank you for posting the results.

    I’m one of those who have a lawn but it’s only 15% of my property. It would be interesting to know how much lawn people have. My gut feel is that most gardeners with lawn have smaller lawns that the general public.

  4. I’ve got about .2 acres and 50% is lawn (of the yard space, I mean, there is a house on that .2 acres). My garden is about 1500 square feet

    And I’m 31, a male, and am not social (I garden to get AWAY from people).

  5. LOL with your comment Benjamin.

    I also do not to visit or have people drop by while I am working in the garden. It is a sanctuary for me, birds, and squirrels. Oh yes a few chipmunks, rabbits and deer that also avoid people.

    Thanks for validating that it is nice to have solitude in the garden.

  6. How do you know more than 20% of your commenters are men? I mean, you thought I was a man for years.

    I think the most interesting statistic is how few (37%) of your readers are bloggers. I would guestimate than more than 90% of my readers are bloggers.

  7. Thanks for this survey! When I started gardening, about 12 years ago, I was a baby as far as my fellow gardeners were concerned … when I’d go to lectures I was the only one with pink hair (well, there was one woman whe seemed to have gotten the toner wrong on her ‘champaigne’ colored dye job). I’ve never quite gotten over feeling like the ‘young outsider’ gardener, so it’s great to know that now I am just like the rest of the gardening world!

  8. I think this was an intersting survey. I often wonder how old people are and if they are bloggers. I am surprised sometimes when people leave comments on my blog and I try to track back to look at their blog and they don’t have one.

  9. Bite my tongue, Kathy, can’t have us gardeners doing math!

    I have to confess that I cheated in finding out my % of lawn. I had someone from Axis (a lawn treatment that improves drainage and reduces water use) come out to give me an estimate. He told me how many square feet of lawn I had, from that I figured the % – oops, guess that means I did do a little math (guilty as charged).

    Didn’t do the treatment, btw. Instead I’m opting to add a 1/4-10 gravel top dressing 1x or 2x a year. Not as quick a result but easier on the budget.

    I’m a so-so blogger. Had one temporarily going but it’s a pain without blog software and I haven’t taken the time to upload what I need to do it right yet.

    I generally garden alone although I did enjoy the times gardening friends and I did what we called Weed & Feeds (the group weeds, the host feeds the group). I think the social aspect, though, was why people came to this site, not so much how we garden on our own little plot.

    Germi, I can so picture that woman’s hair!

  10. Very interesting facts. Does my lawn still count, even though I do nothing for it except throw a little alfalfa meal on it every so often.

  11. I must be one of the few “gardeners” who really enjoy my lawn. I really like mowing and the green color surrounding my gardens really makes the colors in the gardens pop. I try to be smart when it comes to watering and fertilizing the lawn. And for some reason, the weeds in the lawn don’t bother me as much as the weeds in the garden.

  12. I must be one of the few “gardeners” who really enjoy my lawn. I really like mowing and the green color surrounding my gardens really makes the colors in the gardens pop. I try to be smart when it comes to watering and fertilizing the lawn. And for some reason, the weeds in the lawn don’t bother me as much as the weeds in the garden.

  13. Well, the lawn is being eliminated in my city garden. But in the country, I confess, I have at least three acres of lawn. And my husband’s constantly expanding it by taking down more trees. I enjoy the lawn there there, where there are actually people playing baseball and badminton on it and having picnics on it.

  14. I was hoping when I stopped back in tonight that someone would have clarified how half are under 50 and a third are over. That’s the about the size of fudge factor I get when I balance my check book. Where’s the other sixth? Or were those numbers wrong?

  15. Chuck, you think my lawn is “huuuge”? I do have a suburban sized lawn, but I also have almost 400 square feet of raised beds dedicated to vegetable gardening. Like Marilyn commented, I enjoy the lawn and the backdrop it provides to everything else. Plus mowing is good exercise.

  16. And I’m not saying there’s anything necessarily wrong with having a huuuge lawn. Although, starved-for-space gardener that I am, I think I would find it hard to resist planting it up.

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