Garden Coaches in the Christian Science Monitor


We’re definitely on a roll.  Here’s the article in today’s CSM, and because it links to my coaching site and touts the Worldwide Directory of Garden Coaches there, I expect still more new coaches to sprout up between now and spring.  Goody!


  1. I’m glad to see another good Garden Coaching article. I just had my first coaching of 2008 with a client who is planning to show her garden in a Garden Walk/Tour in June. As we sat indoors discussing pictures I had taken of her garden last summer and looking out on a snowy landscape, we were both energized and felt the warm spring breezes rather than the zero degree temps that we have been having in Michigan.
    It was a good mid-winter therapy session for both of us.
    The coaching buzz continues to grow louder with more interest and more exposure and continued coverage in the media.
    Keep up the good job as our guru, Susan!

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