Blogging Tips for Wal-Mart

  1. Getting Rid of Miracle-Gro and Round-Up:  Toss it or Put it on the Clearance Table?
  2. Oooops!  We left plants & garden products out of our Sustainability Report!
  3. A Plant Geek’s Paradise:  Interesting, Unusual, Regionally Appropriate Plants at Everyday Low Prices
  4. Cool Project of the Week: Converting Nearly 400 Abandonded Wal-Marts to Urban Gardens
  5. Plastic Lawn Furniture Sucks! So do cheap tools that break! 
  6. Speaking of Plastic: How We’re Leading the Nursery Industry Toward Biodegradable Pots
  7. Behind the Scenes in Bentonville: Our Corporate Compost Pile


  1. “Why dirt-lovers don’t have to feel dirty shopping here any more.”

    Wal-Mart could stop mistreating its employees in every conceivable way–spying on them! locking them in at night! forcing them to work off the clock! discriminating against women! forcing out long-term employees in favor of cheaper new ones! failing to provide affordable health care until a minute ago! And then I wouldn’t feel disgusting every time I stopped in for a cheap bag of bark nuggets.

  2. How about:

    “Employee Sustainabilty or How We Started Paying a Living Wage and Providing Health Insurance Rather Than Making Everyone Else Pick Up Our Slack”


    “But Those 6 Spindly Trees Make a Difference!: How Planting 6 Saplings in a Parking Lot The Size of Toledo Makes The World A Greener Place.”

  3. “How we stay so cheap and cheerful”

    We put the thumb-screws on our suppliers so they send every possible manufacturing job to low-wage countries, so the poor people who shop here can’t afford to shop anywhere else.

  4. “Why our parking lot only contains shrubs so ugly that even plant-addicts consider quitting”

  5. Oh, no, I’m going to post one of those dreaded “me, too” posts. I echo Susan – What Eliz said. My gardening dollars go to independent nurseries not to big box stores as a rule but I have additional incentive. I detest Walmart’s business practices and politics.

    The suggested blog ideas are great! Pity they are highly unlikely to show up on Walmart’s blog.

  6. “What the hell are we doing wrong?”

    Why even super-cheap prices can’t attract Lisa, Elizabeth, and Susan.

  7. Too funny. I loathe the place. It’s one of the saddest places in the US, with all those obese people slapping around their kids.

    Okay, here are some blog topics:

    “How I Learned Style Doesn’t Have to be Expensive: My Visit to Target”


    “Did you Know Leaves Grow on Trees? Just Not Here at Wal-Mart”

    Robin at Bumblebee

  8. These are priceless. I thought it was just us uppity Canadians who despised Wal-Mart (and only us who had obese welfare bums slapping their kids around IN the stores).

  9. Me, three (?) for Eliz’s comment. And one more….

    “When ‘No! No!’ means, ‘Yes! Yes!’ or Fourteen New Ways to Force Your Way Into a Town That Doesn’t Want You” (subtitled: “Lengthy Litigation Can Be Your Friend”).

  10. I only went into a walmart once, mnay years ago, and I disliked the place and I disklike their employment and product sourcing practices, and the fact that they cause the death of traditional, local stores I can walk to. And most of what they sell is junky anyway – it’s unrealistic (some would say absurd) to think they would ever embrace sustainable gardening! Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw a while back on a car that said “Mall-Wart – Your Source for Cheap Plastic Cr*p”. I think that says it all.

  11. Let’s see. A blog topic for Wal-Mart that would help them work on their image.

    A section of the store called Made In America is a good start. Maybe a section of the store called Not From China.

    The garden department could write in the blog too – everything they know about plants and how to care for the stock sold in each of the regional stores. It shouldn’t take up too much space.

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