Garden Coaching in Newsweek


Wow, still more media attention to garden coaching – this time in Newsweek.  And with each story, new coaches are getting listed in the Directory and hanging out their shingle, so it’s all good news for our new profession.  Here’s our growing collection of press clippings – let me know if we’ve missed something.


  1. That’s nice that there was a nod of recognition towards the profession.
    Unfortunately I think it is bad advise to list an across the board average price for any working professional, and it is especially bad when the price that is quoted is horribly low.. , like the ‘cheap price of $25 per hours’ as quoted in the article.
    Hell, even our local nursery chain shop ( Sloats Nursery ) charges $ 100 per hour for their garden coaches.
    It’s just bad or is it more like ‘lazy journalism ‘ to quote unrealistic prices.

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