Gardenblog Round-up


Criteria for inclusion in "Round-ups"?  Uh, there aren’t any.  These posts just caught my eye.  Susan

  • Heading to Austin in 3 weeks for the Gardenblogger Spring Fling?  Then check out Annie in Austin’s entry in the Gardenblogger Geography Project before you go.  (Eliz and I are psyched!)
  • Nurseryman Trey challenges Scotts’ claim to "love independents" and encourages his colleagues to go Scotts-free, all of which earns him the ultimate GardenRant salute:  He totally rocks!
  • Also, I loved his story about a conflict we may be hearing more about in coming years: the treehuggers versus the solar-panelhuggers.  Our friend Shirley weighed in on this one, too.
  • Stuart introduced us to Succulentla and asked: Would you send a succulent instead of a floral bouquet?  I’d sure rather receive one.
  • Stuart (where does he find this stuff) also has an amazing round-up of news stories about gardeners finding horrible stuff in their gardens.  Human body parts, unexploded hand grenades?  It all may be more than you really want to know.
  • Great review and round-up of the Northwest Garden Show over on Heavy Petal.  Too "preggers" to go herself, Andrea found herself a terrific guest blogger to review it for her.
  • And pregnant but still naughty Andrea has some awfully racy photos of garden porn, and not the kind we’re usually going on about.
  • Jane at Garden Design Online reviews Fritz Haeg’s book about his Edibles Estates project.  It’s titled Edible Landscaspes: Attack on the Front Lawn.  Oh, and at the very end of the review there’s a nice little plug for my town’s farmer’s market.  (I’d never seen their cool website before, so thanks, Jane.)
  • Carol shows us all how a real, serious kitchen gardener does it.  Michele, are you SURE this is all "easy-peasy"?
  • For the Slow Cook, turning compost is a contemplative act.  I say, "Ed, whatever gets you through the second Bush administration."