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Nature’s got on her least attractive face today in my part of the world.  The dirty dogshit studded glaciers are just beginning to retreat in everybody’s yards, it’s muddy, it’s rainy, it’s icy at the same time.  And it had the nerve to snow last night.

But Olivia Judson, a British evolutionary biologist who’s now on her second blogging gig at the New York Times, never fails to remind me that life is beautiful.  Do not miss today’s post about the world of weird and wonderful creatures who’ve adapted to life in the leaves of a pineapple.


  1. You and I are in the same boat. Ice! For the first time in 28 years we woke to the sound of sleet hitting our windows and found all our south windows totally covered in ice. And all the trees and shrubs, and car, and walk. It can’t last. Can it?

  2. What a marvelous article, and column in general. Thanks for the pointer!

    (Personally I’m talking comfort in the fact that the midday temperature is consistently, if not much, over freezing now. And the tray of seedlings on the windowsill always helps.)

  3. Aren’t we pathetic, we northern gardeners? I’m checking my barely-germinated leek seedlings every few hours, just because they make me feel better about the weather.

  4. The snow mountains have finally all melted and the ground has been thawing after a very bleak winter.
    Now we are expecting a storm watch for tonight and Friday morning. Yuk. I was so hoping for a nice family weekend with children and adults spending a bit of time outdoors.
    My brain is as frozen as the land has been. Blogging is near impossible even commenting is rare. How do you keep up the flow?

    The one thing I can always do is read. Just picked up another 7 plant community books from the library and have been reading many blogs. The link you provided above fits in well.Looks like another good source for ideas and information trails.

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