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San Francisco Chronicle gossip columnist Leah Garchik says:

Does it creep you out, as for
some reason it creeps me out, that the pharmaceutical company
GlaxoSmithKlein hired docs to do bone-density tests at last week’s San
Francisco Flower and Garden Show at the Cow Palace? Get those shrinking
consumers where you find them!

My Skinny Garden has plenty to say about one particular vendor at the Chicagoland Flower & Garden Show:

I was all up in the "Japanese Wonder Flowers" being wow’d by their
claims of cross pollination producing unusual color combinations. The
booth was being manned by 2 tall blond girls… Now I don’t know what an ACTUAL
Dutch accent sounds like, but these girls sounded like ME (with a
southern accent) trying to imitate a Dutch accent…. I
WAY BACK TO HOLLAND WITH US!" (in a Dutch accent)….Do they actually think people are more likely to by bulbs from
actual Dutch girls?

Towards the end of the
show these chicks were screaming and giggling like they were drunk,
trying to lure people over. They really made fools of themselves.
People were actually screaming back at them to "SHUT UP". They kept
marking their sign down further and further until the last one said "50
for $30" but I just couldn’t give them any money.

Yeah, I saw those vendors at another garden show earlier in the year, also selling ‘Japanese Wonder Flowers’ and claiming they came from "this Dutch guy who grows them in his backyard."  These plants are ordinary old four-o’clocks (Mirabilis jalapa), and they’re practically a weed in these parts.  I knew the vendors didn’t know much about gardening when they advised a customer to plant his lily bulbs under only an inch of soil; any gardener knows that lilies like to be dark and deep in winter.

Growing a Garden in Davis had a good shopping day in San Francisco:

I was able to keep my purchases within reason…two African Violets,
one pansy faced geranium, one aeonium tabulaeforme, and one Mulberry
Jam salvia from Gold Rush Nursery where I also got a white rain lily.===The
rest of the sales booths were equally over the top…lots of tools,
accessories, clothing, and art as well as some random stuff you’d see
at any craft show. I do have to admit my self-control slipped for a
moment at Mrs. Dalloway’s where I found a wonderful seed book for the
day care kids and two(!) garden essay books I haven’t read, as well

  And now this from Bumblebee Blog:

I just returned from the Philadelphia Flower Show. Holy moly.

Let me tell you, this is no ordinary home and garden show. Nay, nay. This is a spectacle! …This year’s theme was all about New Orleans and Jazz. The entrance
was a recreation of the famed Bourbon Street, all decked out in flowers.

Sounds fabulous. That’s it for now!  Keep those updates coming!  Oh, and the rose in this photo is a Just Joey.  Just because.


  1. Consider the source when quoting Leah Garchik, there is little to be desired there.
    Yeah, why should there be a free voluntary woman’s health check-up booth at a public event that woman attend ? Silly women. Why pay $125 for a lung function test or a $ 150 for a bone density test when you can get it for free ?
    Hey Leah Garchik, next time you pass a free lobotomy booth, don’t hesitate.

  2. I was not creeped out by the bone density testing, but I did raise my eyebrows at the window sales booth and the hot tubs/spas. What’s next, the incredible Vegimatic? Please, no.

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