Read Michele’s Story of Detroit’s Gardeners in Oprah Magazine


Oprah300We’ve seen a few hints of Michele’s obvious familiarity with the farming scene in Detroit but finally, we
get to read the whole story – in the April issue of O Magazine.  Rant readers won’t be at all surprised by this assertion:

The fact is that farming in or near cities makes considerable sense in the world at large, as the political, environmental and economic costs of trucking food thousands of miles head through the roof and "eating local" seems increasingly like the responsible thing to do, as well as the food lover’s choice.

And here’s another great quote from her article, this time by a garden organizer:

I used to have the foolish idea that urban gardening was all about the food.  Now I think that food is only a small part of it.  Gardening here is about beautification, community building, friendship.

There’s lots more where those came from, and wonderful photos of "wonderful people."  Don’t miss it.


  1. Congrats, Michele! Any props from Oprah is a big deal! I know we’ve seen people featured in her magazine end up on her show. Wouldn’t that be cool to see!?!

  2. So nice to read this – – not only has “beautification through gardening” been my mantra, but public gardening, community gardening, and adding flowers to street tree beds and window boxes reduces crime while raising property values. It is really quite easy to make quite a difference! Urban groups that want to learn the where-to and how-to’s of gardening can get a special rate on my book via the publisher, GARDEN YOUR CITY.

  3. Excellent article! You might be interested to know there is a followup to the story. A documentary called “Grown in Detroit” about the school and their urban farming effort will be airing on Detroit PBS Sept. 22, 2009 and hopefully nationally soon. It was created by two filmmakers from the Netherlands who spent last summer with Ms. Andrews at the school filming. If you’re interested in viewing the film trailer – the website is
    feel free to email me at for a password to view the entire film online, since you are outside the Detroit viewing area. You must have been moved by Detroit and the school to write such a thoughtful article. I thought you would be very interested in the film.

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