SF Garden Show–cool new Crocs



  1. I’m jealous. Our home and garden show was a lot more of a pool and home show than anything else. I have been trying to write a good post about it since I went, and I’m just failing at anything other than whining about it. I think I’m skipping it all together.

    Those shoes look rather cute! I was eyeing the little ballet flats, but those look possibly better!

  2. “cool new crocs” – surely an oxymoron?

    In all seriousness the top straps look a lot like the thin rubber straps on the crocs sandals I bought which snapped shortly thereafter. Hopefully they’ll be more robust.

  3. Oooh! I think those are definitely cute! They don’t look sturdy enough for me, but regular Crocs aren’t sturdy enough for me, either. Bear in mind, I have snapped steel shanks in my combat boots and shattered the steel plate in my jungle combat boots. Just call me “Hell on Heels”…

    Both regular Crocs and these new styles should be fine for normal women who don’t mistake their feet for sledge hammers, forklifts or bulldozers.

  4. Since these were at the garden show, I assume that they’re meant to be worn in the garden…I don’t think so. I mean, first of all you’d get dirt falling into them, and I’m sure they’d be miserable for digging. Maybe they’d keep your feet dry…but they sure are cute!

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