Sustainable Gardening News, March 2008


By Susan


It’s mid-month, time for a new issue of my newsletter.  The full version is archived on the site, but here are some items that are new
to GardenRant:

In the News

  • Are we unintentionally doping our plants every time we water them? Check out this report about PharmaWater.

On the Blogs (as it happens, mine)

  • When Good People Use Roundup laments how hard it is to be strictly anything. It asks: In these particular situations, what else would work?
  • Bloggers, if you write about sustainable-gardening-type issues, send me the link so I can include your post in my next newsletter.1805489991_67fe4a51fa_m

What’s New on Sustainable-Gardening

  • What Carries a Garden extols the virtues of the lowliest of all garden "tools" – containers for
  • Footwear in the Garden covers what I really wear, and some different choices in footwear made (however inexplicably) by other gardeners.

My So-Called Second Career

  • I’m
    shocked to report that I’m doing a bit of public speaking.  It began
    with talks to college writing students about "Writing and Publishing on
    the Web" and has morphed into a full with-digital projection show given
    at DC’s public libraries.  Coming soon – taking it professional through
    the DC Historical Society’s Writer Series.  Gulp.

Wagon photo by Kristi Ann via Flickr.


  1. As hard as public speaking is I think you will find nothing gets the word out better for your business than being THE go to speaker. Once the word is out that there is someone crazy enough to talk to groups of people you’ll get invitations from everywhere.

    It’s seems that the hardest things are sometimes the most rewarding, and public speaking is one of them.

  2. I have to ask – why the picture of the movie poster for “Once”? It was one of my favorite films of 2007, but I don’t see any type of gardening tie in?

  3. Susan, I have those SAME red clogs – Smith & Hawkins, weren’t they? – altho mine haven’t split yet. . . . I live in them. I also have a green pair, but the reds are my favorite.

    If I ever see them available again, I’m buying 10 pair. (Oh, and please let me know if you ever see them offered for sale, would you?)

  4. Shira, it’s true that that movie has NOTHING to do with gardening. I’m having fun filling the sidebar of my newsletter with blatantly off-topic stuff, which people who like a tighter focus are free to ignore.

  5. susan – i don’t mind it at all – i just thought maybe i had snoozed off on the couch while watching the movie – and missed something!

  6. I enjoyed browsing the articles, Susan – thanks for triggering the lightbulb moment that I can buy a garden-handy litter pan without actually owning a cat.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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