Tight-ass Coral Gables in the News, None of it Good


You may remember our rash of posts about local laws we hate, beginning with the ones that outlaw eco-friendly landscapes.  Then just once I veered off-topic to post about a guy in Coral Gables, FL, who’d been fined for having a pick-up truck on the street after 7 p.m. 

Well, I couldn’t resist returning to this story after it was covered on the Colbert Report, which reported that among it isn’t just trucks that are outlawed there.  Also verboten are certain basketball hoops, certain house colors, hedges taller than 4′, reptiles and snakes (okay, that last one would be okay with me!)

Here’s the video of the Colbert Report report.  And just look at this guy’s website and in the left sidebar, all the publicity he’s been getting – in which the mayor of Coral Gables always manages to look like a fool.  That alone would seem enough motivation to get these offensive laws off the books – as a self-protective move by officeholders everywhere.