Starbucks, Austin-style


Starbucks2250To a bunch of gardenbloggers visiting Austin, this Starbucks is a prime tourist stop, and hostess/tireless
chauffeur Pam Penick made sure we didn’t miss it.  Made sure we climbed the stairs to see the awesome green roof in the photo below.  Then obligingly posed with Carol of May Dreams Gardens and Mary Ann of Idaho Gardener and those mighty rain barrels.

So we left Austin feeling somewhat more inclined toward the ubiquitous coffee company, and thoroughly smitten by Austin-style hospitality.




  1. Great photos of the Starbucks sidetrip. Glad you found it interesting. I frequent Starbucks, not for the coffee–which I don’t drink–but for the free coffee grounds. I apply them to my St. Augustine grass to help counteract alkalinity of our limey soil.

    Wish I had those rain barrels.

  2. Awesome rain barrels! Wouldn’t you love to see more places with those outside?
    Was the whole roof grass plants or do I detect a shorter broad leaf in the distance? What a great place. I like Starbucks coffee once in awhile. Kudos to those locals even if it is a tourist attracting ploy.

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