Apple Magic



When I was young, I really liked a showy red-flowering crabapple, but now, I don’t know, I’ve matured. Now, I’m fairly sure that no tree is more beautiful than a humble old cow apple in bloom. In fact, I’ve twice known people who went idly to see a house for sale, only to be made so misty by an old apple tree in bloom that they instantly bought the place.  One out of the two times was my husband and me. 


  1. There are worse reasons for buying a house! 🙂 I bought my house because it had such a big garden (big but boring) and a nice conservatory.

    Congrats on winning a Mousie for Best Writing, well done team!

  2. I saw my o ld farmhouse in the fall but the realtor and I ate apples sitting in the overgrown grass under an ancient apple tree. I sighed and said I will never be able to live here. But that was 29 years ago. the house hasn’t fallen down, neither has the apple tree. this apple tree is only one of a number of old apples in bloom right now. Glory. Glory.

  3. I’d love to be able to buy a house that has an apple tree but I think we are going to have to end up planting one or two or three 🙂 wherever we end up. At least then our kids will know that joy growing up.

  4. I completely relate to this. The most recent post on my blog has photos from a local orchard. It is a magical place at all times, IMHO, but much more so when blossoming, somehow.

    But I may be biased. 🙂

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