Even war dare not come between a man and his turfgrass


Amber wrote to tell us that her husband just wanted to lie down on the cool grass when he came home from Iraq, and she sent us to this story.

Warrant Officer 1 Brook Turner, stationed in Iraq, wrote his wife back in Hawaii that he SURE missed theGrass
sweet aroma of lawn and the feel of grass growing beneath his feet.  So she sent him a goody bag of dirt, fertilizer and seed, which he turned into a 3×7′ patch of lawn alongside the trailer he lives in.  Not surprisingly, it succumbed to the 125-degree heat. 

What red-blooded American man would give up that easily, though?  Certainly not Turner.  He arranged to buy sod from some locals (WHAT on earth are they doing with sod?) and at the time the story of his lawn ran in the Salem Statesman Journal, he was keeping it alive – by watering it three times a day.

You know, if it were anybody else or anywhere else, I’d shake my finger in disapproval of the American love of lawns, especially perfect ones.  But Turner here is homesick and in his hands, lawn care looks positively meditative.  I love it.

Photo by Staff Sergeant Mark Grimshaw.  Here are some other examples of personalized living quarters, including another patch of lawn.


  1. You damn right he can have any kind of lawn he wishes. Or any other living thing. What a boost to his moral no doubt.

  2. I agree – if only all the perfectly manicured lawns in this world were that size, they’d all be fine with me. Whatever keeps a person sane and growing something beautiful, in the midst of insanity, is good.

  3. The other photos are not from Iraq, but one of our allies, Quatar. Truth in advertising please!
    Close to home as two of my daughters classmates ( graduating high school this month) are headed to Iraq this June……

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