The great thing about spring bulbs is the voyage of self-discovery that they launch. By the time they come up, you have forgotten entirely what you’ve planted…or what kind of mood prompted such interesting decisions.

FringedI’m still a little stumped as to what I was thinking last August.  While I’ve always liked bright-colored tulips, this year, I’ve got a color scheme that verges on obnoxious: purple, tomato red, and greenish yellow. Of course, the display is getting loads of attention from passing strangers. It’s kind of embarrassing.

Still, it’s not all bad.  The red and yellow fringed tulip, a variety called ‘Davenport,’ is really fun.

And while I generally don’t like daffodils except in very natural settings, I’m really enjoying a completely unnatural-looking double called ‘Bridal Crown.  Of course, its cream color doesn’t do much to help this color scheme.  Nothing will help that but the arrival of June.’


  1. It looks nice. It’s spring! Who cares if the colors don’t match? I don’t, Im just glad to see color and growing stuff again.

  2. Kim, the plant is euphorbia polychroma or cushion spurge. It is just a fantastic plant–looks great all summer and withstands incredible drought. I have half a dozen planted on that line, but only the one in front is mature enough for the full dome effect.

    Christopher C–thanks for pointing out that I need to sweep up my mulch.

  3. Actually, I think it looks wonderful. I would call it riotous, not garish — and that is what spring is all about! I officially have tulip envy. We don’t have enough chill time here in west-central Texas for the majority of tulips, although
    has a few reliable lovelies.

  4. Most people just love color and that looks like the crayola crayons were dropped on the planting beds which is kind of like ‘circus fun’. It is not boring and makes most of us smile which is sometimes better than planned color schemes, or, just as satisfying!

  5. I think it looks wonderful, too! Way more interesting than those premixed bags of tulip colors. And your euphorbia really picks up the gold edge of that red tulip nicely.

  6. Mine is almost as bad. I have a flower bed near the garage that opened up last fall (after bieng under a canoe for a couple years). In an effort to get my husband interested in the garden I asked him what colors he would like. Red and Black were his answers.

    So, I have some lovely dark purples mixed with orangey reds over misc foliage. It actually doesn’t look bad though.

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