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Bloggerofnote400The mighty forces of Blogger.com have spoken.  Out of their untold millions of blogs they’ve chosen as a Blog of Note the wonderful Gardening While Intoxicated by our own Eliz.  She posted this nice welcome to the thousands of new readers who noticed her on Blogger’s home page.  (Click to enlarge; the Blogs of Note are in the lower right.)  A home page that, I might add, could sure use a make-over.

Well, who among us doesn’t love a sudden upsurge in traffic and comments from new readers?  Like the reader who greeted Eliz in Malay, and this provocative comment: "Google сказал что вас блог самый популярный это правда? сколько вас посещает человек в день?"  (We can see it’s a question so Eliz, how did you answer?) 

Our BloggerMartagon of Note tells me it’s been awesome and that "The nice thing about it is that these are all bloggers." So, they’re more likely to become regular readers than nonbloggers.

Congrats to Eliz for snagging one of the blogosphere’s highest honors.  We know she’ll be attracting untold hundreds (thousands?) of new readers to GWI, GardenRant, and probably to half our blogroll because once readers discover gardenblogs, there’s just no telling.

I did a little research about Blogger.com and came up with bupkis for answers, so does anybody know:

  • What Google paid for Blogger.com back in 2002?  The Blogger.com "About" page says it "worked out nicely" for them.  I bet it did.
  • How many blogs use Blogger.com?  Or why they wouldn’t brag on the number on their About page?

And Eliz, exactly how many visitors have you had since appearing on the Blogger dashboard?


  1. AF (great name), I do have one, and a number of subscribers, as far as I know. I had to get one for Voices. I do not give the posts in entirety because they get stolen and republished.

  2. I’ve had 7800 according to sitemeter. But will someone please explain to me how I don’t have a feed? I was sure I had! Sorry to be stupid about this, but maybe someone can help.

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